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"We supply Gas Mixers for a broad range of applications"



If you can't find the controller that meets your specific needs, 

our team of engineers will be happy to develop one for you. Please, contact us.

CO2 and CO2/O2 controllers

CO2 Sensor: NDIR (10 year lifetime)

O2 Sensor: Optical Sensor (5 year lifetime)

Accuracy: ±0.1%

Compatible with Humidity modules

O2, CO2 and CO2/O2 controllers

Compatible with any incubator 

Only two tubes enter incubator

No contamination issues

Touch Screen Interface

Data Log via RS232 or Mini USB

Gas Analyzer available

For ICSI stations


CO2 and CO2/O2 controllers for ICSI stations

Cable-less connection with Temperature Unit

Touch screen interface (OKO-TOUCH)

Data logging through USB

Digital Gas Blenders


CO2/Air and CO2/N2/Air blenders with feedback on CO2 and O2

CO2 and O2 sensors with ±0.1% accuracy 

Flow rate step up/down for flushing regimes

Touch Screen Interface (optional)

Easy integration in third party software


Centralized Gas Blender


Centralized CO2/Air and CO2/N2/Air blender

CO2/O2 sensor with accuracy of 0.1%

Ideal for Facilities and IVF Mini Incubators

Output Pressure: 0-2 bar (1-30 psi)

Touch Screen Interface

Manual Gas Blenders


CO2 and CO2 / O2 Manual Mixers

1, 2 or 3 channels floating ball flow meters

Accuracy: ±1%