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CO2-O2-T-METER measures CO2 and O2 concentration in any volume, such as benchtop incubators.  It can be connected to a thermistor, to provide also temperature measurements. The Controller features CO2 and O2 sensor and a suction pump.  If the atmosphere inside the incubator is humid, CO2-O2-T-METER can be equipped with a drying unit to dehumidify the sample gas prior to performing the measurements. 

  • CO2 sensor: 10 year-life Non Dispersive InfraRed (NDIR) dual wave length detector
  • CO2 range: 0-20%
  • Accuracy: ± 0.1%
  • O2 sensor: optical sensor - 5 years lifetime
  • O2 range: 0-21%
  • Accuracy: ± 0.1% 
  • Sensor calibration against external meter or calibration gas
  • Build in suction pump allows to suck out the gas to perform the concentration measurements
  • High efficiency dryer to dehumidify the gas for concentration measurement (needed only if gas in controlled volume is humid)
  • On-board Data logging and download routines to USB drive. 
  • On-board logging of calibration and alarm events.
  • Alarm buzzer and External Alarm Connector
  • RS232 and Mini USB ports for data logging through Okolab DATA LOG software or any third party software via DLL