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Stage compatibility: fits on Leica Super Z Galvo Stage (SP5/SP8) on Upright Microscopes
  • Part number of the objectives in use must be specified in purchase order
The chamber can fit:
  • 35/60 mm Petri
  • 1x3 in. / 1x2 in. chambered slides
  • Suitable for dipping lens
  • Manageable chamber thanks to the opening of the lid to introduce the objective
  • Magnets allow easy interchange chamber insert
  • Magnetic locks hold Petri, Slides in correct position inside the chamber
  • Perfusion holes: 12 channels for 2.0 mm O.D. tubings are available
  • The chamber screws onto galvo Stage
  • Chamber weight, 130 g.
  • To control the humidity into the chamber humidity module is recommended: HM-ACTIVE 

Available Inserts

H301-EC-LG-UP-1x35 #1 35mm Petri-dish H301-EC-LG-UP-1x35.JPG
H301-EC-LG-UP-1xGS #1 1x3 in. chamber slide H301-EC-LG-UP-1xGS.JPG
H301-EC-LG-UP-1xLABTEK #1 Lab-Tek 1x2 in. chambered cover glass no_image.gif
H301-EC-LG-UP-1xLABTEK II #1 Lab-Tek II 1x2 in. chambered cover glass no_image.gif
H301-EC-LG-UP-1x60 #1 60mm Petri-dish H301-EC-LG-UP-1x60.JPG
H301-EC-LG-UP-BL - Components
H301-EC-LG-UP-BL - Available inserts 
H301-EC-LG-UP-BL - Dimensions