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CO2-O2-CONTROLLER controls CO2 and O2 in any bench top incubator or semi sealed volume by infusing CO2 and N2. The unit is compatible with any bench top incubator. The Controller features built in CO2 and O2 sensors and suction pump. If the atmosphere inside the incubator is humid, CO2-O2-CONTROLLER must be equipped with drying unit DRYER to dehumidify the sample gas prior to performing concentration measurements. 

  • Adds 100% CO2 and 100% N2 to the volume in which gas control is desired. 
  • CO2 range: 0-20%
  • O2 range: 0-20%
  • Accuracy: ± 0.1% 
  • Set Point Resolution: 0.1%; Repeatability: better than 0.1
  • CO2 sensor: 10 year-life Non Dispersive InfraRed (NDIR) dual wave length detector
  • O2 sensor: optical sensor - 5 years lifetime
  • Sensor calibration against external meter or calibration gas
  • Suitable for semi sealed volumes ranging from 10 to 150 liters
  • Build in suction pump allows to suck out the gas to perform the concentration measurements
  • High efficiency dryer to dehumidify the gas for concentration measurement (needed only if gas in controlled volume is humid)
  • Alarm Buzzer and External Alarm Connector
  • RS232 and Mini USB ports for data logging through Okolab DATA LOG software or any third party software via DLL
  • DRYER: membrane based dryer that attached magnetically to the outer side of the incubator