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In this page we report drawings of the enclosure for three configurations, based on the microscope Leica DMi8. 


 DMi8DMi8 - TIRFDMi8 - TSC SP8
Body Fully motorized Leica DMi8 Fully motorized Leica DMi8 Fully motorized Leica DMi8
Eyepiece Leica DFC365 FX camera on Trino ErgoTubes Standard Standard
XY-Stage Motorized Stage Motorized Stage with Leica Galvo and cover for laser safety Motorized Stage with SuperZ Galvo Stage
Back Port Lightsource #1 Tirf Module Lightsource
Left Port Andor Zyla Andor Zyla SP8x
Right Port Photometrics DualViewTM with an Andor Zyla  none  Leica DFC 365 FX
Left Port Lightsource #2 none  none
Nosepiece Adaptive Focus Control (AFC) Adaptive Focus Control (AFC)  Adaptive Focus Control (AFC)