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"Okolab is a provider of complete and reliable solutions for Live Cell Microscopy"

In Vitro Fertilization


Our IVF product line comprises Glass and Metal Temperature controlled plates for inverted and stereo microscopes and a centralized CO2/O2 controller to feed mini incubators. 

Glass Plates

Heated Glass Plates - flush with microscope stage

Models for Inverted / Upright / Stereo Microscopes

Models available for Cabinets


Metal Plates

Heated Metal Plates - flush with microscope stage

Models for Inverted / Upright microscopes

Suitable for oil immersion imaging

Stage Heater


Covers the entire XY stage and provides a flat, smooth surface at controlled temperature.

Compatible with Glass and Metal Plates


Glass Table


Heated Glass Table - Adjustable height

Suitable for Stereo Microscopes and Cabinets

Glass thickness 2mm



Temperature controlled flat area

Available in different sizes

Suitable for Bench-tops and Cabinets


Tri-Gas Mixer


Controls CO2 and O2 by mixing Air-CO2-N2

Output pressure 1.5 bar (22 psi)

Compatible with Cook Mini Incubators and Origio BT37

One mixer feeds up to 10 units